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Pretty Things Parker | About This BlogFirst of all, thank you for stopping by! I am a newly engaged, Dallas girl, in mid-twenties, in love with everything interior design, a former event planner (@EbH), and VERY recent first time home buyer determined to fulfill the potential our new home has hidden behind all of its different color carpet  rooms (yes. every. single. room. has a different color carpet. #vintage),  outdated…well.. everything,  and DIY electrical.  I love putting together room designs, ideas, and tips for friends–no matter what their design style. Although I would describe my personal design style as a mix of: modern boho, eclectic, traditional, glam, contemporary, worldly, and a touch of rustic?  Constantly changing over time, and really just a mix of everything I love or am drawn to. 🙂


I hope you enjoy my design ideas and follow the progress on our first house rennovation transformation (that’s fun to say).


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