Cubicle/Desk Christmas Decor

Christmas Desk Decor Thumbnail - PrettyThingsParker

I love love love Christmas time; the lights, the music, the glitter, the metallics, the colors (clearly I love holiday interior design trends as well)! And the fact that it only comes around one time a year and then within the blink of an eye seems to make it all the more magical! And perhaps […]

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It’s Finally Football Season Ya’ll!!!

Football party table decor

There are tons of things I look forward to with the changing of the summer season to fall: pumpkins everywhere, escaping the (makeup and blowout) melting Texas summer sun cooler weather, the idea that cozy sweaters, leggings, and boots are acceptable (and chic? yes–very chic) everyday wear, but most of all…..FOOTBALL SEASON!!! Yes, fall is […]

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DIY Blooming Floral Initial

Floral Blooming Letter for under $20!! This project is something I found on my Pinterest and instantly fell in love with.  I knew it was something I could easily replicate in a matter of minutes, and I was right. The original tutorial for this project is from Urbanic.  Thank you Urbanic for such an easy and delightful crafting idea! […]

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